Pop Pop Its Time For Popcorn…

Amelia’s birthday party was on Sunday – just a smaller more casual gathering than her first birthday.  My goal was to limit it to 10 kids (and that included siblings!) – it was hard to not invite a lot of friends, but I just knew that smaller would be better this year.   As it was Chris and his family were my saviors, putting in most of the effort.  Just can’t seem to get much done myself these days (~35 weeks pregnant – just a few more weeks to go!) so I have to graciously ask for help (big thanks to everyone who helped).

Amelia also loves popcorn & Mickey Mouse – so we combined the two and did a movie theme for her birthday.  I think the theme was a big hit.   Amelia dressed like Minnie Mouse, and amazing kept on her ears the whole time.


Here is Amelia waiting for her guests to arrive, holding onto her balloon and eating ‘popcorn’ – we served this Cheetos butter flavored popcorn (dairy-free!) and the kids ate it up like crazy.  I think Amelia sat there eating popcorn for at leat 30 -45 minutes straight while we setup and guests arrived.

LenaAmeliaHug GrahamAmeliaHug BirthdayHugMeredith

Amelia got lots of birthday hugs from her friends.  So cute.

WatchingMM MMandPopcorn

Showing a Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode went over so well!  Better than I expected.  I really was thinking we’d get a 50% rate of kids sitting and watching but instead I think 9 of the 10 kids watched the episode giving the parents time to enjoy food & good company.  Some of the parents also watched the episode which was pretty funny to watch.  I love the picture of them all eating the popcorn – like we said, it went over really well.

MatchGame ColorTable

The kids also enjoyed coloring Mickey Mouse, playing a Mickey Mouse matching game and scattering Mickey Mouse decks of cards around the clubhouse.   (We even caught two adults coloring without kids around – I won’t name names though).

MomAmelia Family

Amelia posed with me because daddy was making her giggle, once we tried the whole family she became all serious.  Silly thing.  She looks just like Minnie though doesn’t she??

Cake1 BlowOutCandles

Amelia did really well blowing out her candles – I know I was impressed.  Hope her wish comes true!  (And thanks to our friend Shannon who made the cake- it looked and tasted awesome.  Many of our guests said it was one of the best cakes they had tasted.)  Amelia also loved her friends singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.  She knew she was the center of attention and ate it up.


And finally here is a picture of Amelia’s Aunt Ann (Chris’ sister) and cousin Lena (who is 6 weeks older).  You can definitely see the family resemblance!  If Ann is holding Amelia, most people assume she is her daughter.  Can’t complain, Ann is beautiful!

Thanks to all of Amelia’s friends who came to her party.  We had a great time and I know Amelia did as well.  And we still have two bags of popcorn laying around if anyone needs to entertain their kids…

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  1. Leslie Says:

    Looks like a great party idea!! Too cute:)

  2. ali Says:

    she is ridiculously cute! happy birthday to her.

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