Two Amazing Years


Dearest Amelia,

I’m not really sure how to even start this.  Today marks the day you entered our life, even though we’d been planning on it for months.  You were almost 3 weeks early due to some fluid issues, and you were teeny and tiny and just perfect.   I can’t imagine you not being you – and your name Amelia fits you just wonderfully still this day.  (Whether its Amelia Rose when you are in trouble or Amelia bug or silly bug or Amelia Bedelia or Amelia or ‘Melia’ as you call yourself… it all works!)





If we ask you whose birthday is coming up you say ‘Happy To You Melia’ and pat your chest and have a big excited grin.  You are the 6th birthday in your room at school this month so you’ve gotten to learn all about birthdays – why you won’t say the word birthday we aren’t sure but its adorable.  I love that you are excited for your birthday!

In the last month we’ve seen some signs of a 2 year old appear – in the form of not listening.  Its like you have cotton in your ears!  You want to play, we want you to have a new diaper… these things aren’t compatible apparently so you ignore us.  A few time outs later and we are progressing.  You do listen better this week than last week – but I’m sure it’ll just depend on your mood.  Another big sign – independence.  One of the most common phrases heard around our house these days is ‘me do it’.  And you do.  One of the most helpful places this has occurred is in the car – you climb into the van and into your seat all by your big girl self, and it helps mommy out greatly.

I think we have seen signs confirming you are the child of two engineers – you love blocks and puzzles.  The 12 piece jigsaw that was difficult a couple months ago can be put together in under a minute flat.  New puzzles might take a minute or two more, but you figure them out quickly.  And give you blocks?  You can build towers higher than your head.  Its quite impressive really.  You also have a very good attention span – playing with things for a long time or watching your favorite TV show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  We are very appreciative of that, as it gives us time to do things like cook dinner.

You start each day by asking to go downstairs immediately – even though every day we remind you we have to change your diaper first and get you dressed.  Every day we go through this.   Silliness is the best strategy to get you to go along on our terms – your dad is great at that with you.   You love to be tickled and that helps out quite a bit.   Once downstairs you are still our great eater – each day starts with cereal (these days its Cheerios, last month it was mini-Shredded Wheat) or a non-dairy, non-egg blueberry waffle.  You eat breakfast again at school, then lunch and two more snacks at least.  And for dinner you eat a meat, a veggie, a starch, some fruit and anything else you see that gets your interest.  Crackers and chips are big favorites for you (particularly if there is dip – hummus or guacamole).  Pasta always goes down well with you so that’s our backup plan most nights, but you really do well at eating.  Generally you will at least try everything on your plate, unless its something you just know you don’t like (which randomly includes most sweets and melons).

When you turned one you were barely even cruising around holding on to things, and now you run.  You kick and throw balls.  You jump.  You dance.  Its hard to remember when you could barely toddler wobble along.   I think there are sports in your future – you have a mean overhand throw and the other night you showed me how well you can throw a ball into a  hole on your slide.  We’ll support you in whatever you want to do, but I’m very excited for you to start your Little Gym classes in a few weeks.  I think you will excel in them.

You started at just over 18 inches tall (5th percentile) and by our last measurement you were up to 34 inches (50th percentile) – so we’ve come a long way!  You are in size 7W shoes which is pretty big for a just turning 2 year old, so it should not surprise us that your height is catching up.   We’ll find out your official stats next week.  (And you are in the 29 – 30 lb range, around 75th percentile, where you have been since about 6 months of age – like we said you like to eat!)

You have been so sweet lately about becoming a big sister – I think you are going to be fabulous at it.  You like to hug and kiss my belly and tickle little sister.  You generously gave up your tiny nursery and now call it sister’s room – your new room is huge but you’ve adapted like a champ.  This morning you kept trying to tell me about your sister sleeping in the bed in that room.  You take great care of your dolls and yesterday we even gave your bear a diaper.  I think you are going to love being mommy’s helper and a big sister.

I have so many fun stories I could share, but its hard to put them all down.  Here are just a couple more fun things.

- You love all living creatures – especially our frogs.  A couple live on the back porch and your joy at seeing them led us to decide to get a frog aquarium and you love to watch them jump and to jump along side them.  I can see you becoming a vet one day with your love of animals.

- You are daddy’s little girl for sure – you follow him around when he is working on something with tools so we let you open your 1st gift this morning and yup – you have your own tool set now!  You were so exciting, hammering away with the hammer, and using the screwdriver.  I had trouble getting you to eat breakfast let alone leave for school.  It is fun to see how excited you were not only for your birthday, but for your set of tools this morning.  I asked to take a picture and you said ‘no mommy’.  So I got lots of random playing ones, but none of you posing for me.

We love you very very much.  You have given us two wonderful and amazing years so far, and I look forward to this next year when you become a big sister.  I just know you are going to excel at this new challenge ahead of you.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!




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