A Festive And Surprisingly Cool 4th of July

I can’t really complain about heading just 3 hours north of Atlanta to have temperatures of 60s & 70s for the 4th of July.  (Just ask my parents who spent the weekend in Houston where it was 100+)

We were lucky to be joined by our friends, Graham’s family, and so here are some pictures of our weekend.  It was really hard to make ourselves come back!


The first adventure was hiking to the waterfall in backpacks and then playing in the water.  It was chilly but the kids were game.  Amelia loved having her feet in!


You have to get the standard family photo with waterfall.  Its a rule.

grahamnet feedfish1

That afternoon we went down to the fish pond – Graham helped with the fishing by being in charge of the net.  Amelia loves to throw food to the fish and see them jump for it.


Without much prompting Amelia was being really cute in the chairs by the pond.  She looks like such a big girl now!

fullgroup4th galswithgraham

The next day was the 4th of July – here are some photos of us showing off our festive shirts!  Aren’t we quite the matching group? Gotta love Old Navy  -$5 shirts!  A funny story about the above picture.  Amelia didn’t want to sit on my lap but she also did not want Graham to sit with us either – so she tried to straddle Miss Heather’s lap so Graham didn’t have anywhere to sit.


Here is Amelia showing off her USA pride!

grahamamelia1 bwameliagraham

A couple from the porch the last day – it was a little rainy, but that didn’t stop the kids from running back and forth across the porch (we lost count – so many times they would stumble and sit because they are tired), reading books on the porch, pushing the swing and pretending to be elephants.  Who knew a porch could be such a fun play area?


And finally I’ll leave you with this shot – not the most in focus but its fun! If you ask Amelia where the baby is, its in her belly!  So this is her showing me the baby…. she may not really get this whole little sister thing.  She’ll figure it out in about 7 weeks when her sister comes home.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful July 4th weekend.  July 4th is one of my favorite holidays – just a great reason to get together to celebrate our country with friends and family.

Baby Momma

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  1. Angela Says:

    Love the photos! Looks like y’all had a fabulous time. I think I would have given my right arm for temps in the 60s and 70s.

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