Locks for Love, by Amelia Age 6

17 Mar

I did locks for love so I could give my hair to girls in the hospital.  Yesterday I felt excited and once my hair was soft and straight I was excited.  Next I will do my chores so I will get allowance money so I can give.

[Note from Kelly:   She still loves the short hair and it is adorable curly.   These are her words - she wrote them with pencil first, then typed it out.  Then we looked up the words that were underlined as spelled wrong. I did type the final post up for her - it is so hard to find time in the little people's schedule.  I am excited to have her do this more and eventually she'll just type it all herself!]


Do you hear the echo?

07 Mar

With the popularity of Facebook and the busy life of balancing being a wife, mom, volunteer, owner of a business and more… I had decided to stop blogging about the girls specifically here on our blog.  I kept it hosted to have that history and one day I will print it… (I will.  It is a personal promise to myself.)

A year and a half later, as we are working with Amelia in 1st grade about writing and spelling – I had an idea!  This should be their blog.   They can document events in their life.   It will help work on writing and spelling and storytelling.  I’ll help out and supply pictures.  With Katherine, the now spunky pre-k girl who is 4 going on 14, I’ll probably ask her questions and type the answers for her.   Amelia can write her own though!   So we are going to give it a go.   Starting this weekend, when Amelia will publish her 1st blog post.

The process for this is not quite traditional, because it is very much a practice of teaching Amelia how to spell.  So at least for this first one, I had her write out a few thoughts on paper.  Then she typed it into Microsoft Word.   Let’s just say many of the words have that red squiggly line under them, and the suggestions are not usually even the right ones.  This weekend we will sit with her and edit and then we’ll publish it!  She is very excited, and I hope you come enjoy the Dyar Girl blog again, now authored by the Dyar Girls themselves.

To catch you up – I think the last blog post was Christmas 2012 and the one before that was Katherine’s 3rd birthday.   Katherine is 4 1/2, sweet, spunky and loving her pre-k class.   In just another month we’ll be registering her for kindergarten!   Amelia is 6 1/2 and still the sweetest girl with the largest heart I know.   She has become an avid reader and is thriving in 1st grade.  Both girls would probably say their favorite movie is Frozen and we certainly sing Let It Go on a regular basis around here.   While they both would probably pick pizza as their favorite food, it might be a toss up with shrimp – and they both even like sushi (we are talking raw fish on rice, not even the rolls).  They are best friends 80% of the time and well they are sisters the rest of the time.  Katherine thinks she is the same age as Amelia, or at least thinks she should be doing and getting all the same exact things.   We are trying to work on the concept of things being fair vs being equal, but I was a little sister too so I know that is an uphill battle.  I love that they can disappear into the playroom together for hours, mostly playing make-believe (not sure why we have all these toys).  I love how proud they can be of each other.  I love the smile that Katherine had when Amelia was the surprise guest reader at her pre-k the other day.  These girls mean the world to their father & I – we are one happy family, taking on the world together.   Look forward to getting this blog back on the road again!

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Celebrate the Season

31 Dec

I know I don’t post much anymore, but I hope everyone had a chance to celebrate a holiday this season.

I love this picture of an ornament on our tree and I am entering into Rock the Shot’s ( contest this month!


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A Rainbow Cake Celebration

28 Aug

Since we did a joint party for the girls, we also celebrating their individual birthdays with cake and family.  Katherine’s one request – a rainbow cake.

Look who is 3!

The girls were all anxiously awaiting the cake reveal… look at that a rainbow!

Mommy is very proud of being able to give Katherine the cake she wanted for her birthday – look how pretty it turned out!  Katherine has continued to be one of the most expressive kids I know – which I love – check some of these out.

Happy birthday baby girl – you truly are a big girl now.


Katherine is 3!

28 Aug

Time for Katherine’s memory lane post…  she was scheduled to be delivered on 8/28 but on the morning of 8/21, mommy’s instinct kicked into high gear and we were off to the doctor and then off to delivery.   She arrived at 5:43 (which I remember because it was in descending order.)

Unlike her sister, she loved sweets from the beginning.  No problem with that first birthday cake.

Turning 2 you can see how expressive she is becoming…  such a fun girl.

Now she is 3.  She is feisty and sweet and loving and silly.   Very much has a sense of humor, but also a bit of a temper.   She is a lot of girl in a little package and we love every bit of her.

Happy birthday sweet girl.


A Birthday Fit for Mermaids

28 Aug

Amelia had been asking for a mermaid birthday party for months, and when someone suggested the local aquatic center which was indoors (great for late July) and had a slide, lazy river, etc… I knew it would be perfect.  It really was the ideal place for a mermaid birthday.  It was a private rental so it was just our family and our friends which made it great for the younger kids who were able to do more than they would normally.

Now since it was a pool, I was in the pool most of the time and I did not take very many pictures.  Here are just a couple of my mermaids and their friends.




Action Shots

15 Aug

We had a play date with some friends and I just love these action shots we got…

Homerun!!! This was a happy girl.

Katherine decided basketball was more her sport.

Very proud of her skills and I am one proud mom.




07 Aug

Amelia wanted a surprise party for her actual birthday – so we invited family over, and she was very excited to come into a dark house and have us yell surprise!  She loved her birthday.  She truly was glowing with happiness all day long.  It was a perfect way to be 5.


Have to put in here that I made this cake – while I love to bake, it is not a talent of mine – especially decorating.  However, I actually really like how this came out – perfect for her.  She wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake, and that is what she got.


First Day of School

07 Aug

We hit a big milestone – Amelia is in kindergarten now!  The first day of school was a very big deal, and it was special and documented of course.

Wake up sleepy head.

This is her – I’m trying to be awake and excited but gosh I’m tired – look.

The backpack could pull her over – it has lunch, snack, water bottle, change of clothes… it is full.

Gotta love new clean shoes!

She loves being at the bus stop with big kids.   It took about 2 weeks for her to start playing tag with them and leaving her backpack.

Off she goes – she loves the bus.   She never looked back.  Okay she did wave – but still – I barely even get a hug goodbye now.  My girl is all grown up.


Amelia is 5!

24 Jul

I’ll write a bigger post later this week, but what would a birthday be without a trip down memory lane through pictures.

We went to the hospital the night of the 23rd – just knowing she would be coming soon.    It took more than 24 hours before we had her in our arms, but worth every minute.

What a cute 1 year old munchkin she was with her head full of curly black hair.

My adorable toddler at 2, who loved getting tools like daddy for her birthday.

Her 3rd birthday was when Amelia started to shoot up in height – no longer was she 30th %, but now 75th %.  By the looks of it, she is going to be tall.

What better birthday party then one with your favorite princess who you look like?  Amelia was so happy about her 4th birthday and loving everything princess.

Amelia approaching 5 (and turning 5 today) – she just amazes us now with how grown up she is… she is going to be headed to the elementary school in just a couple weeks, riding on a bus and she is so excited.   She is sweet and loving.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.   We love you so much.